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QuestCon 2023 Review

QuestCon Orlando is an absolute treasure trove for tabletop gaming enthusiasts, and it's an event that truly stands out in the world of gaming conventions. From the moment you step into the convention hall, you're transported into a world of endless imagination, camaraderie, and, of course, board games. If you’re a fan of TTRPG, Dungeons and Dragons, and other board games I think QuestCon is gonna be your next favorite convention.

Honest Critiques, and Suggestions

We here at BN'K on Tour value transparency, so we do have a few critiques about the event. However, to be honest these critiques aren't detractors of the event, just places of opportunity for the event to improve.

One of the things I’d like to see would be more activities aside from board gaming. The team thought of things like  LARP demonstrations, perhaps contacting the folks from AFO (Anime Festival of Orlando) to do a small demo of Warriors of Orlandia, a foam sword fighting room, or even some kind of interactive fantasy gameplay to really play into the adventure aspect of QuestCon. We think adding something like this will set QuestCon apart from the average cosplay contest and game room setup other conventions have.

QuestCon Brings the Adventure to You! 

One of the most outstanding features of QuestCon Orlando is its dedication to providing an interactive tabletop gaming experience that's unparalleled. The convention boasts an entire ballroom filled with intricately built tabletop environments and unique setups. These environments create the perfect backdrop for all your tabletop adventures, and it's clear that a tremendous amount of thought and care goes into their creation. Some of the most captivating setups are provided by The Away Games, and they truly take your gaming experience to the next level.

The library of games hosted and provided by The Haven Games is a tabletop gamer's dream come true. With an extensive collection of board games to choose from, there's always something new to discover and enjoy. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, you're bound to find games that match your interests and skill level and eager teachers to help you find your new favorite board game, making it a fantastic resource for expanding your gaming horizons.

The well-curated vendor hall at QuestCon Orlando is a treasure trove in itself. It's filled with unique merchandise, books, tabletop accessories, and, of course, an extensive selection of games. You can easily lose yourself exploring the diverse offerings from various vendors, adding to the overall excitement and shopping experience. 

But what truly sets QuestCon Orlando apart is the cozy and comfortable atmosphere that pervades the entire event. The convention is like a haven for board game lovers, a place where you can escape into the world of tabletop gaming, surrounded by kindred spirits who share your passion. It's an environment that encourages friendships to flourish, where you can bond with fellow gamers over shared adventures and memories.

What about Cost and Accommodations?

QuestCon is a very affordable convention with weekend passes to the event going for $60, which is a great price for all of the things you’re able to do over the weekend. The day passes were even more affordable with Friday’s pass being $20, Saturday’s pass going for $25 and Sunday’s pass going for $20 as well. QuestCon also offers legendary passes that gets you lifetime general admission to QuestCon for the lifetime of the convention, with plans for additional perks in the future.  

As far as the hotel accommodations go, the event was held at the Double Tree by Hilton about 5 minutes out from Universal. Honestly, until QuestCon, I hadn’t attended an event in the venue space, but I have to give props, it was a great pick for this growing con. It has some fun touristy things like a gelato bar and American Grill inside, but also a very cozy pool and hang-out area in the center of the hotel.

If you were looking to stay at the Double Tree, rates typically start at about $140 per night however, because this venue is so close to the tourist part of Orlando, I would say to look around and compare rates. The venue is close enough to other hotels that you can walk or take a short Uber/Lyft to the venue. Parking was organized and only cost $10 if you parked in event parking, however, other parking accommodations in surrounding areas were definitely available for cheaper or for free.

The best advice I could give to someone looking to attend QuestCon for 2024, is to be sure to plan ahead to manage your budget.

Should You go to QuestCon Orlando?

Every corner of QuestCon Orlando is filled with imagination and the pure joy of board games. It's a place where laughter, strategy, and storytelling intersect, creating an atmosphere that's not just about playing games but creating cherished moments. The convention exudes warmth and a sense of community that makes you feel like you've found your gaming family. QuestCon Orlando is a tabletop convention that's not to be missed. Be sure to follow QuestCon Orlando on all of their social, and check out their discord to stay up to date about their 2024 showcase.

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